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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The grant granted in our place?

Chris Nelson, Glenn Franklin and I have mused about hosting a theology conference in the area.
It sounds like this AAR money might be useful for such an endeavor.
Scott Jackson

To the Members of the AAR New England Maritimes Region:

As many of you will remember, the Steering Committee of the New England/Maritimes Region of the American Academy of Religion concluded two years ago that low member involvement and attendance at regional meetings suggested that these meetings might not be the most effective way for the Region to support its members. With the assistance of the AAR office in Atlanta, we conducted a survey, asking what kinds of alternative activities would benefit members in different parts of the region.

The results indicated that members favored:

1) More local conferences (funding up to $800), to benefit more members throughout the region

2) Teaching workshops (funding up to $800)

3) Local lunch and dinner series to discuss different regional authors’ work (funding up to $400)

All of these activities would be organized by members and supported with regional financial and promotional assistance, provided that they were open to any regional member.

We posted a call for related proposals on the AAR website: http://www.aarweb.org/regions/calls/call-ne.asp. Our goal was to sponsor events in different parts of the region, so that more of our members would benefit.

To date, however, and to our great surprise, we have received no proposals! So, we think that regional members may not know that these proposals are simple to prepare, and that faculty, and graduate students with a faculty mentor, are all eligible to apply. We have also set a rolling deadline, to make it possible to submit an application at any time.

If you have an idea for any of these activities, which can be held at your institution, we welcome proposals. Applications should include a narrative description of the project, not to exceed two pages, detailing the project, and including an explanation of how it also promises to benefit the scholarly and professional life of AAR members and the work of our region. The application should state the time period covered by the project and provide a detailed budget (office expenses, travel expenses, honoraria, stipend, costs related to using a space, etc). Institutional overhead costs, however, should not be included.

The region will provide funding, and use our regional email resources to help promote the activity.

If you have an idea or inquiry, and want feedback, please send either to me, at linda.barnes@bmc.org. Applications can either be sent to me, or to the individuals listed in the call.

With all good wishes,

Linda L. Barnes, PhD, MTS

Associate Professor

Boston University School of Medicine

91 East Concord Street 4102

Boston, MA 02118


Blogger GoobyNelly said...

Sounds like just the thing we're looking for!

9:25 AM  
Blogger GoobyNelly said...

Scott, since you're a grad student, if you can get one of your faculty to support a proposal, then it's a go. Glen and I are obviously not grad students . . . yet. :-)

1:42 PM  
Blogger Scott Jackson said...

I'd be glad to pursue this. When I get a spare minute, I'll request the forms.

8:56 AM  

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