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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Barth's Quips

John Godsey tells the story:

Paul Tillich had been to Bethlehem and stopped off in Basel on the way home to visit his old friend Karl Barth. With great excitement he told Barth of his visit to the Church of the Nativity. He recounted going down into the crypt where there was a silver star, marking the birthplace of Christ. "Karl," he said, "on that star there is an inscription 'Hic verbum Dei caro factum est,' [translated as] 'Here the Word of God was made flesh.' You know, Karl, that sums up the whole of my theology - all except for that 'hic'!" "Ah, Paul," Barth replied, "that 'hic' sums up the whole difference between your theology and mine."

- "Barth as a Teacher," John Godsey in For the Sake of the World, ed. George Hunsinger.


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