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Monday, February 06, 2006

Meeting tonight, 2/6/06

Hey folks,
Tonight we shall meet at Glen Franklin's house (#94 Leverett Road in
Shutesbury) at 7:30pm.  We are beginning a new chapter of the Church
Dogmatics entitled "The Word of God in Its Threefold Form."  We'll read
about the first form, "The Word of God Preached," on pp. 88-99.  The
following week shall consist of the second form: "The Word of God Written."
And the week after, "The Word of God Revealed."

Hope you can join us tonight. Give me a call at 413-374-4834 if you plan on
coming or email me back.  If you need help getting to Glen's house, his
number is at 413-259-1711. Feel free to invite any friends along!
Our website is http://barthamherst.blogspot.com

All strength,


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