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Monday, April 24, 2006

And the little drummer boy turned 25 . . .

Here's a fantastic birthday card I just had to share with you. I pray my first child can strike this pose.

Last night I had the privilege of having my surprise birthday party at our little apartment. Scott and Leah, as well as Matthew (who travelled all the way from the Berkshires) were there. As Matthew said, "Let's just hope the fire-marshal doesn't show up." I counted about 30 people in all! It's truly amazing to see God's children, who come from so many different walks of life, all convene together because of one person's existence in this world. Thanks to Anneli, my wife, for gathering the peeps! And Mom and Dad, for excellent dining at Northampton Brewery and great gifts!


Blogger shnitzle said...

happy birthday bro! looking good with the three columns! cheehrhas

2:39 PM  

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