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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Great Barth Meeting

I'm glad that we finally were able to meet Tim. Matthew was able to drive out to visit us from the Berkshires, and we're thankful that he invited Tim along! As we read the 2nd subsection in the "Speech of God as the Mystery of God (p.174 - p.181), Tim could hardly control himself. He reminded us of the true revolution occurring in Barth's writing, something that we tend to forget as we slug it out week after week. It seems to be a pervasive problem in our relationships: how to trust people and yet be careful that we do not box them in. How does this "boxing in" occur? For instance, we assume what their response might be in a given situation. We pick up patterns in the behaviour of others, and take short-cuts in our conversations based on our past experience with them. But this has the adverse effect of objectifying the person we are dealing with, as though they are a static being continually reacting with the same "limited" decisions day-in and day-out. We cannot snap a photograph of anyone and say that "That says it all!" No, our picture is a film with no end. It is dynamic. So thank you to Tim for his fresh eyes, and my prayer is that this group will sanctified by the Spirit, leading all of us closer to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


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