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Friday, May 12, 2006

Where's Barth's Christology in the poll?

One person has commented that the poll lacks the opportunity to vote for Barth's christology, which would be number one, I'm sure. Let me suggest that those who want to vote for christology place their vote for "reconciliation," since this is Barth's most direct treatment of christology. The doctrine of reconciliation manages to incorporate plenty of Barth's revolutionary moves which all center on the life, work, and being of Jesus Christ. Barth does not write in linear fashion, so I guarantee you that many of the themes you might have enjoyed in earlier volumes of CD pop up again.
Now you might think I'm biased, but I'm just trying to help out the average joe. I personally voted for Scripture, since it was the middle of CD I/1 that caught my eye at the age of 20. I didn't really understand the rest of it.
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Blogger Scott Jackson said...

A couple of thoughts about the place of christology in a catalogue of Barth's insights (since I've been writing about this in my diss) --

I would defend the omission of christology from the list, and here's why:
From the beginning, but especially from I/2 onward, christology plays a crucial role, both formally and materially, in the evolving argument of the dogmatics. I would contend (though I'd have to plough through IV/1-3 to support this) that Barth's christology is not terribly novel. To the extent it is developed in such terms, it seems the christology follows the basic framework of Nicea-Constantionople and Chalcedon (though this may not always be apparent). What is really novel is not Barth's christology per se but what he does with it - i.e., the way that it serves to restructure the key doctrinal topics of God, election, creation and reconciliation (vols. II-IV) The christology is folded in, formally and materially, into all these discussions, and Barth puts it to work quite radically such that major tracts of traditional theology are rewritten.

3:53 PM  
Blogger GoobyNelly said...

Hey Scott,
Thanks for giving us insight from your dissertation (I'd like to read more about it if you have time to post it here). While I had not thought about it from your angle, I find myself in agreement with you. Christology is this permeating doctrine for Barth (in a way that "revelation" is for John Webster). However, I wonder if I have other not-so-novel doctrinal treatments in the list. What say you, people of the web? You know what, I'll go ahead and post that as a question to which you may all comment.

9:06 PM  

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