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Monday, June 12, 2006

The Word of God and Faith . . . and Stephen Broyles

Tonight I had only one comrade in dogmatics - Stephen Broyles - as all others were busy. I should mention in passing (and will devote an entire post soon) that our Scott Jackson was busy receiving his Ph. D. from University of Chicago last week, and so congrats to Scott.

Stephen and I have known each other for about six years now. Stephen is a true renaissance man, as you'll see when you visit his website above, or look at the various talks he's given at the Andreas Center. Stephen was kind enough to travel from Greenfield to join me in finishing Barth's section on "The Word of God and Faith" in CD I/1.

In many ways, Stephen's life has been a witness to the faithfulness of God. His book, The Wind That Destroys and Heals is a vivid portrait of this faithfulness in the midst grieving the loss of his wife. Stephen, even as he has an incredible wealth of knowledge at his disposal, is a regular guy just like you and me, and just as vulnerable to destruction and healing by God as you and me. Please pay his website a visit. He comes from Alabama, so when he speaks Old English, his Southern accent doubles the charm.


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