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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Which of Barth's Doctrinal Treatments Expanded Your Theological Horizons the Most?

After many months, I've decided to close down the poll and start anew. We had a good spread on this one. Not surprisingly, the doctrine of election was the most popular (36%), followed by the doctrine of reconciliation (22%), the doctrine of revelation (18%), the doctrine of the Trinity (16%), and the doctrine of Scripture (9%). Thanks for voting, and for the comments listed below:

Really hard choice actually - also his ethics and treatment of election.07/21/06 7:38:40 AM MST
Election. it broke the back of my hyper-calvinism06/15/06 6:07:10 AM MST
I cna't begin to put into words the value I see in Karl Barth's writings.When you 'get in the gove -- his gove," the reading progresses rapidly and truly opens the door to a deeper and more confident relationship with God and God in Christ. J Smithson06/07/06 8:35:42 PM MST
What? No entry for Christology?!05/11/06 7:10:52 PM MST
KB's doctrine of eternal election in Jesus Christ helped me get beyond the "insiders/outsiders" dichotomy and to perceive the depths of God's openness to us. - SJ04/27/06 3:05:29 PM MST

Now we turn to the contemporary Barth interpreters. Who's your favorite?


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